Goldstein Hs Boys Varsity Soccer

In order to try out you need your PSAL medical form completely filled out and stamped by a doctor and your parent consent form.  Forms can be obtained on  Please bring a ball and water.  
What to expect for the tryouts:  300 yard shuttle test - when instructed by the coach, the players run to the opposite 25 yard line, touch it with their foot, turns and runs back to the start.  This is repeated six times without stopping.  Time should be around 1 minute.  Additionally there are other various soccer ball drills and finally a team scrimmage. 
If your son makes the team, there is an expectation that they come to practice every day Monday-Friday for two hours a practice.  We are looking for committed players that are willing to work hard and earn an opportunity to play.  Regular practice starts Monday August 26, Monday-Friday until the season ends.
Coach Prestianni