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Senior Council Gmail:
 --- President: will oversee the entire senior council, coordinate and lead all our activities, delegate tasks to council members, ensure deadlines are met, oversee all of graduation
 ---- Vice-President of Organization: oversee all events and school activities, plan the calendar of events, plan to fund raise, assist the President
 --- Vice President of School Activities: plan dress-up days, SAT day/assembly, BBQ, breakfast, celebrity night, movie night, oversee all of  senior academic awards, graduation committee, career day/night, sporting events, academic awards night
 --- Vice-President of Schoolwide events: oversee and plan bowling/skating, field day, Nets games, spirit days and prom - anything outside of LMG
--- Vice-President of Gala events: oversee and plan the senior prom, bowling/skating, field day and prom - anything outside of LMG
--- Treasurer: financial director, accounting, bookkeeping, assist with senior dues, trips, prom collection, run the budget
 --- Director of Communications: creates all school announcements, google classroom/ remind texts, create forms and polls, control and update the school website about senior events and forms, ensure senior class/parents are aware of all activities and deadlines, help plan graduation
--- Secretary: Plan weekly meetings, set agenda, take notes during meeting/minutes, work with the treasurer to keep financial records, provide receipts, sign in sheets at all events, run all ballots, tickets
 --- Cabinet Member of Organization and Outreach: outreaches to students, creates forms and polls, in charge of outside media
 --- Cabinet Member of Graphic Design/Yearbook: designs and/or collects suggestions for senior hoodies, yearbook and senior council coordination
 --- Cabinet Member of Cultural Events: coordinates all senior cultural events and assists with planning trips to cultural institutions.
 --- Cabinet Member of Extracurricular Events: oversee and plan senior trip, outside school trips and assists with tech
 --- Cabinet Member of Schoolwide Events: work with VP of events to coordinate prom seating (favors, DJ, centerpieces) and field day, color wars 
-- Cabinet Member of Gala Events: coordinate celebrity night/gala senior trip, senior hoodies
 --- Cabinet Members of Technology: sets up all tech during senior orientation, presentations, movie nights etc.
--- Senior Representative