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Senior Council Gmail: [email protected]
Sheima Ben-Abdallah --- President: will oversee the entire senior council, coordinate and lead all our activities, delegate tasks to council members, ensure deadlines are met, oversee all of graduation
Esma Kica ---- Vice-President of Organization: oversee all events and school activities, plan the calendar of events, plan to fund raise, assist the President
Sarah Louie --- Vice President of School Activities: plan dress-up days, SAT day/assembly, BBQ, breakfast, celebrity night, movie night, oversee all of  senior academic awards, graduation committee, career day/night, sporting events, academic awards night
Emily Louie --- Vice-President of Schoolwide events: oversee and plan bowling/skating, field day, Nets games, spirit days and prom - anything outside of LMG
Leslieann Peers-Roman --- Vice-President of Gala events: oversee and plan the senior prom, bowling/skating, field day and prom - anything outside of LMG
Nicholas Zverinskiy --- Treasurer: financial director, accounting, bookkeeping, assist with senior dues, trips, prom collection, run the budget
Loredana Malancea --- Director of Communications: creates all school announcements, google classroom/ remind texts, create forms and polls, control and update the school website about senior events and forms, ensure senior class/parents are aware of all activities and deadlines, help plan graduation
Samira Rasuli --- Secretary: Plan weekly meetings, set agenda, take notes during meeting/minutes, work with the treasurer to keep financial records, provide receipts, sign in sheets at all events, run all ballots, tickets
Gillan Blanket --- Cabinet Member of Organization and Outreach: outreaches to students, creates forms and polls, in charge of outside media
Gabriella Ayzidor --- Cabinet Member of Graphic Design/Yearbook: designs and/or collects suggestions for senior hoodies, yearbook and senior council coordination
Adrian Peskanoff --- Cabinet Member of Cultural Events: coordinates all senior cultural events and assists with planning trips to cultural institutions.
Omar Ahmed --- Cabinet Member of Extracurricular Events: oversee and plan senior trip, outside school trips and assists with tech
Kamilla Avezova --- Cabinet Member of Schoolwide Events: work with VP of events to coordinate prom seating (favors, DJ, centerpieces) and field day, color wars 
Asli Akkok-- Cabinet Member of Gala Events: coordinate celebrity night/gala senior trip, senior hoodies
Anaf Shah / Geffry Kreper --- Cabinet Members of Technology: sets up all tech during senior orientation, presentations, movie nights etc.
Tony Prozorov--- Senior Representative
If you wish to be contacted by this staff member, please read our Communication protocol (the link for this document can be found below) and complete this form (note that this form is always available under the "Quick Links" menu on our school home page):
Form to request being contacted by a Goldstein staff member:
Completing this form will allow our Parent Coordinator to follow up with you to ensure that this request for outreach has occurred (a weekly automated response will be sent for each request aimed at confirming that the outreach occurred).
Please be sure to utilize this form rather than emailing a staff member directly (as per the Communication Protocol) unless explicitly informed otherwise (in writing) by a Goldstein staff member.