Humanities Department » 9th Grade Interdisciplinary Teacher Team 2011-2012

9th Grade Interdisciplinary Teacher Team 2011-2012

9th Grade Team Interdisciplinary Theme: Crossroads


Event #1

9th Grade Team Faculty Presentation - 1/18/12
Ninth Grade Team: Ms. C. Adrion, Ms. K. Arciniegas, Ms. L. Baker, Ms. N. Buccellato, Ms. S. Hershenstraus, Mr. W  Johnson, Ms. D. Ortiz-Wasilewski, Ms. M. Smith, Mr. M. Trowbridge, Ms. J. Yarmish
On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, the Ninth Grade Team presented to the faculty at the KCC Art Gallery.  They described the interdisciplinary theme, Crossroads, that they developed in September and have been working on in their classes.  Student work was showcased to evidence their learning as well as their deep understanding of how the subjects they are taking are interrelated.  Some of the assignments discussed were historical travel brochures of the ancient civilizations, pottery inspired by Mesoamerican civilizations, Renaissance art, comparative studies of music, the Day of the Dead, research writing, Siddhartha poetry assignments, and presentations on the Odyssey.  Throughout the entire presentation, the teachers highlighted the connections between the content areas, including math and science.  At the conclusion of the presentation, a worksheet was disseminated to the faculty that would help in guiding students to think critically about the displays in the gallery when teachers brought their classes.  
The projects assigned to the students address all New York State Learning Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards, especially Reading Informational Text 1 and Writing Standards 1 and 10.