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10th Grade Interdisciplinary Teacher Team

The 10th Grade Interdisciplinary Team teachers under the direction of Christian Del Re, Assistant Principal, have chosen the themes of Women's Rights, War & Technology, and Power & Madness to focus on throughout the school year. Students worked on projects and assignments in their classes which were connected to these themes.  There are displays in the building which reflect their work. The attached PowerPoint Presentation was developed by Paul Wortman, Art Teacher. His students in two Painting classes created war and peace posters based on a lesson about the history of depictions of war by artists as well as war and peace propaganda poster art. Ms. Kogan's English 4 students studied the downfall of Lady Macbeth and her students wrote essays, poetry, and rap based on the textual evidence they gathered from the play. Ms. Yarmish's Psychology students focused on the theme of gender inequality and researched articles in journals which addressed the theme and the content related to psychology and gender.